Looking for the puurrrrfect companion?!

Adoption process:
We require everyone seeking to adopt from us to book a reservation to spend time with all of our cats & kittens to ensure that you are choosing the kitty that best fits you and your household. Once you have fallen in love, we can complete the entire adoption process right here at the Café!

*Please note that all weekend adoptions have a Monday pick-up day.

Adoption fees:
Adoption is $250 for cats or kittens with 100% of proceeds going to The Catmosphere Laguna Beach Foundation.

Yes! All cats are FIV tested, have their FVRCP and Rabies shots, microchipped, dewormed and have flea control. They are also spayed and neutered.

All cats are adoptable and come to Catmosphere Laguna from local shelters.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a 2 year old female with a beautiful orange/grey/beige tortoise coat. This petite cat was found in a kind cat lady’s garage where she delivered 8 adorable kittens. Each of the kittens was adopted but for 2 who await their debut at Catmosphere Laguna next month after their spay operations. Now spayed and chipped, Kit Kat is just about the friendliest cat we have had the pleasure to foster and cuddle.


At last, after recovering from their spay operations at Dr. G’s, Kit Kat’s babies join her at Catmosphere Laguna. Sydney and her sister, Pumpkin Patch, were born on June 30, 2018 in the garage of a kindly foster lady. 6 kittens were adopted and these are the remaining two. Sydney has white Siamese/Snowshoe features and a very soft chirp and is extremely cute.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch, the last of Kit Kat’s kittens, is a beautiful orange tortie with interesting polka dots of orange and beige. She is very playful and curious about human voices. She and her sister, Sydney, were born on June 30 and now join their mother Kit Kat at Catmosphere Laguna. Reunited…and we are so glad to have them here at Catmosphere Laguna.


Marshmallow is a tangerine and white super soft tabby cat with a huge fluffy tail. She is 7.5 years old. Her fur mommy died very suddenly and she was accepted at the Ark immediately. She is an extremely laid back cat with a really friendly attitude and a cute smile. We find she follows Team Feline around constantly as we do our chores!


Onda is a 3 year old beautiful Siamese who gets along well with other cats. She has gorgeous fur and very expressive eyes. Onda had a home, however, her fur Mommy could no longer take care of her along with all her other cats. Onda comes to us from the Ark in San Juan where she was relinquished last week. We are so happy to have her.


Natto is an approximately 8 year old gorgeous tuxedo male who was named for a delicious Japanese bean by his human Mommy. As for his Feline Mommy…(See Mame’s bio, pictured right) He is fine-boned and rather small in size, but, big in antics. He interacts all day long with both the Lounge and the Cafe visitors, through the glass. He is accustomed to love and devotion, and along with Mame, will be adopted as a bonded pair. Catmosphere Laguna will not separate bonded pairs!


Mame is a 9 year old gentle lady who was named for a delicious Japanese bean by her human Mommy who passed away. She was left with her son Natto (another delicious Japanese bean, pictured left) abandoned in the empty apartment. They were rescued and recovered from their starvation and are very healthy and happy in our new and warm conditions. They are bonded forever.


Samantha is a large 8 year old beautiful orange and white tabby cat who came to us from a lovely local lady. Because of her travel schedule, Samantha was not getting the attention she deserves and Catmosphere Laguna promised to find her a loving furrever home. She would do well in a single cat household with plenty of sunshine and ear rubs. Samantha is a lap kitty with a very soft purr.

Scarlett – Adopted! 9/29/18

Scarlett and Poppy are 9 week old sisters with silky fur. They are talkative and extremely curious. Both girls were bottle-fed after being found abandoned as tiny newborns. Because of their pleasant early experiences with humans, they are little cuddlers. Scarlett loves a belly rub and playing with the kitty wands

Poppy – Adopted! 9/29/18

Poppy and Scarlett are 9 week old sisters with silky fur. They are talkative and extremely curious. Both girls were bottle-fed after being found abandoned as tiny newborns. Because of their pleasant early experiences with humans, they are little cuddlers.
Poppy loves to converse with our Team Feline at meal time.


Arthur is a neutered, gray fluffy cat, 2-3 yrs old. He was found outside by a Good Samaritan. This brave male cat was protecting 3 tiny baby kittens. 2 of the kittens were taken in and adopted out, but Arthur remained in charge of Tostito and they are buddies furrever. They lived together in a large foster home and should continue living together.


Tostito, is a 1 1/2 year old, handsome, black and white neutered male, and is the loving companion of Arthur. He is a very curious and friendly lap kitty and LOVES ear rubs.
(Tostito and Arthur are a bonded pair, and can only be adopted together).


Aretha is a 1 year old beautiful, spayed, Abyssinian female, with a silky soft coat. She was found as a kitten outside a backyard and fostered for many months in a calm and loving kitty home. She is very friendly both alone and with other cats. Aretha has been through a lot and definitely deserves your R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Carlton – Adopted! 8/17/18

Carlton is an 8-year-old black and white male who was found as a stray by two small children. He is now chipped, neutered and ready for his furrever home.

Mikayla – Adopted! 8/25/18

Mikayla was born on 4/30/18. She is a spayed female and has a little white dot on her head. Mikayla is very sweet and affectionate and came from Susie the cat lady in Laguna.

Joey – Adopted! 9/11/18

Joey was born on 4/10/18. He is a neutered male and came from Susie the cat lady in Laguna. Joey is shy but very curious and loves people.

Ozzy – Adopted! 9/21/18

Ozzy is a male neutered kitten, who came out of hiding after the coyote attack on the barn at the Los Alamitos race track and is the only surviving brother of JP. They were so happy to be reunited and are inseparable. He is also very confident, curious and active and loves to play with his brother JP. His birthday is also 5/7/18.

JP – Adopted! 9/9/18

JP (aka Survivor) was born on 5/7/18 and was part of a litter of kittens born to a barn cat, Momma cat. The groom at the stables kept the kittens in a horse stall and one night a pack of coyotes raided the barn and attacked all the kittens. JP was apparently the only kitten left. He is a male neutered boy and very confident, curious and active.

Bruegger – Adopted! 8/27/18

Bruegger is a 6 year old, extremely social, and loving guy. He had an eye infection and was found outside by a county rescue. The infection caused his eye lashes to turn inwards so he coudn’t see because the lashes were scratching his eye ball. He was successfully treated by our vet and his vision was completely restored. This was him before.

Nirvana – Adopted! 8/27/18

Nirvana is a spayed 1 year old, found outdoors with Wilbur. She has the softest grey fur and loves ear rubs. She would do well in a home with other pets as she is quite social. She likes to chat-up the other kitties…especially at dinner time! In-door environment only.

Wilbur – Adopted! 8/27/18

Wilbur is a neutered 4-year-old. His owner moved and just left him outside. He is a fur ball of cuddle and would truly appreciate a good home and indoor-only environment. (It’s scary out there!)