Looking for the puurrrrfect companion?!

Adoption process:
We require everyone seeking to adopt from us to book a reservation to spend time with all of our cats & kittens to ensure that you are choosing the kitty that best fits you and your household. Once you have fallen in love, we can complete the entire adoption process right here at the Café!

*Please note that all weekend adoptions have a Monday pick-up day.

Adoption fees:
Adoption fee is $300 for cats or kittens. 100% of the adoption fee is used to defray the cost of our spay/neuter and vaccination program.

Yes! All cats are FIV tested, have their FVRCP and Rabies shots, microchipped, dewormed and have flea control. They are also spayed and neutered.

Kitties available for adoption


Aretha is a 1-year old, beautiful Tortie-Point Siamese female with a silky soft coat. She was found as a kitten outside in a backyard and was fostered for many months in a calm and loving kitty home. She loves playing with the other kitties and will make time to show love to any furiendly humans! Aretha is also a spunky, independent lady and definitely deserves your R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Come by the Cat Lounge to say hi and cuddle with this sweet girl!


London is a 1 year old Tabby/Abby with a cute splash of white on her face and paws and gorgeous green eyes. She came to us with her brother, Berlin, from the Ark of San Juan. She eagerly entered our Cat Lounge on her first day and cannot wait to enter the playground each day. London is an attention-seeking, chatty girl! If you’re lucky, she may hop on your back for a ride and hair grooming. She is social with other cats and is an affectionate, sweet, playful kitty. Come meet her and her brother in our Cat Lounge!


Berlin is a gorgeous 1 year old Tabby/Abby who comes to us with his sister, London, from the Ark of San Juan. These two green-eyed cuties were street to shelter kitties who were fostered with other cats and dogs.  Berlin was shy at first and spent is first day out curiously examining his new environment. Now, he struts around like the King of the Castle! He is a sweet boy who loves playing with the other cats, and his favorite activity is jumping around for feather toys. Come visit the Cat Lounge to meet and play with this energetic boy!

Berlin was, at first, shy and spent a day under our couch in the Cat Lounge.  Now, his favorite trick is finding our soft toy mice and carrying them around proudly as his prey. Come and play with Berlin!

He is great around lots of activity.


Sonia is a 2-3 year old Tabby/Calico mix with lots of curiosity and hutzpah. Her human ‘meowmmy’ was deployed (military) and Sonia had nowhere else to go… But of course she found her way to us here at Catmosphere Laguna! This love bug took immediately to our Cat Lounge, especially to our giraffe bed donated by the meowvulous cat lady, Samantha. This cutie has the most adorable, raspy meow, and she gets extra chatty when she wants loving. At first not fond of the other cats, Sonia has become much more comfortable and every now then will play chase with the others. Sonia is eagerly awaiting for her new furever home!


This 4–5 year old Tuxedo, Panda, came to us from the Ark of San Juan, who received the call that she had been brought to the County Shelter. She was found outside and appeared very friendly and clean. No doubt she was lost from a family, however, she was not chipped and her family could not be found. Panda is a confident girl with a bit of cattitude to match! She claims her spot on the white couch in our Cat Lounge, and rolls around all over if you give her some catnip. She is a sweet, affectionate little lady who prefers to be the only cat kitty in your life. Come say hi to her and her feline furiends today!


Meadow is a curious 1-year old Dilute Calico. She came to Catmosphere Laguna after being found outside in a meadow, hence her name! She is a sweet girl with big meows and an adventurous spirit. She likes to strut around in our Cat Lounge and never turns down some good play time and snuggles. She is just as spunky and energetic as our young boy kitties, and isn’t shy about tussling with them either. If you’re looking for a playful and loving kitty, Meadow is your girl!


Sundance is a 2-year old Tortie girl. She was found outside and appeared pregnant, so she was, fortunately, taken in by a foster so that she could give birth to her four kittens.  The kittens were adopted out quickly after she nursed and weaned them, and we hear Sundance was a very good meowmmy. She went to the Ark of San Juan to find a home and behaved very nicely in their cattery, getting along fine with the other cats, and now she is looking for her furever home here with us! You can find her relaxing in our Cat Lounge, and her favorite activity is being snuggled and lounging. Let’s find this sweet mama a loving home!


Gracie and her brother Jeffrey, which are a bonded pair, come to Catmosphere Laguna from the Ark of San Juan to which they were relinquished, with their 11 year old cat mommy, Mittens. They are both also 11 years old and lived with one family their entire lives. When a divorce happened, the lady was forced to sell her home and now rents with a family allergic to cats. She ran out of time to find them good homes before she moved and that is how we received the call from the Ark to pick up these gorgeous cats. Gracie is a medium-sized tabby with very soft fur that absolutely loves cuddles. She is the leader of the sibling group and is extremely confident with her sassy self. She just needs a furrever “hooman” bed for her and brother Jeffrey to snuggle up on!


Jeffrey is a medium brown 11 year old tabby with gorgeous, inquisitive eyes. He and his sister Gracie and Mommy Mittens were relinquished to the Ark of San Juan by their lifetime human Meowmy when she was forced to move after her divorce. She ran out of time to re-home them before she moved in with another family who are allergic to cats. We received the call to pick them up and Catmosphere Laguna will now transition them to their furrever homes. They are a bonded pair we would never separate. Jeffrey is a bit shy at first but follows his sister around like a puppy dog. Treats are his favorite followed closely by pets! This pair would do great with someone who wants loads of affection.

Morning Glory

This 8-month old Dilute Calico arrived with her sister, Camelia from the Ark of San Juan’s Foster daddy, Randall. He fostered their pregnant, beautiful Seal Point Siamese mother and took care of these kittens as they nursed and were weaned. Morning Glory is a typical Calico with cattitude. She is a brave girl who knows what she likes! She is also a real sweetheart and will flop right over for some good petting. She is very adventurous and is romping around our Cat Lounge like she owns the place! Come by for some good playtime and long cat snuggles with this ameowzing little lady.


Beautiful Tabby, tripod kitty Socks came to us with her brother, Rocket, from the Ark of San Juan. She and her brother are essentially blind, seeing shadows only, but that doesn’t stop them from getting around! They are a 1-year old bonded pair who were both born with a painful, genetic malformation of the back leg. After surgery to correct this, Socks is pain free and loves to snuggle with humans and her brother! She is very sweet and gentle, and doesn’t let her special needs stop her.  She is absolutely a lap cat and loves to sleep snuggled up next to a hooman. You can find this little lady lounging on the couch in our Cat Lounge, so come by to meet these special babies!


Rocket is a 1-year old Tabby boy who came to us from the Ark of San Juan along with his sister, Socks. He sees shadows only and is basically blind, but he gets around just fine with the help of Socks! Both were born with a painful, genetic malformation of the back leg, and since having undergone surgery to correct this, both are now pain free! Rocket is the more adventurous one of the two kitties and is a very curious and brave boy. He loves catnip and playing with kicker toys. You can find him roaming around our lounge if he is not cuddling up next to you!  

Kitties that have found their furrever home

Camelia – Adopted! 6/10/19

This gorgeous Calico comes to us from the Ark of San Juan’s Foster Daddy, Randall. She is 8-months old and arrived with her sister, Morning Glory. Their mother was a beautiful Seal Point Siamese who nursed and weaned them in the foster home. Camelia is a curious and gentle girl, who also loves adventuring around our Cat Lounge! She is as sweet as can be and extremely social. If you come by the Cat Lounge, she might just come up to you to say hi. Grab a stick toy and you’ll become her best friend!

Wrigley – Adopted! 3/15/19

Wrigley is a sweet 9 month old black and white tuxedo boy with very large and expressive eyes. He had a home with a father and daughter. When the daughter moved out of state, the father moved to a no-pet apartment building and he ended up at the County Shelter. This would be just another sad story had he not been taken in by the Ark of San Juan and brought immediately to Catmosphere Laguna. Wrigley is very outgoing and is having a blast with his buddies in our Cat Lounge. Watch him jump and chase balls, stuffed toys, feather wands, shoelaces…everything!

Magellan- Adopted! 5/25/19

Magellan is a playful 1-year old Tuxedo boy. Named for the Portuguese world traveler, this adorable boy loves attention and pets! He has high energy and loves to play in our Kitty Lounge with his furry furiends. Magellan was brought to CL by Faith, the meowvalous cat rescue lady here in town. He snuggled up to her while she was feeding him and other outdoor kitties, and she just had to take him home. Magellan has a lot of feisty energy, and loves playing with other kitties that can match his playfulness. Come visit our Cat Lounge and meet this sweet boy!

Perseus – Adopted! 4/28/19

Handsome Perseus is a 14 week old flame point Siamese and Aphrodite’s sister. He has sweet blue eyes and an outgoing personality. Found by the Bluebell Foundation’s Miss Joyce while feeding a group of cats and kittens at her local high school, these two tiny fur babies came to her immediately and she scooped them up for their spay and neuter. They are now seeking their new “pawrents” and spending lots of time hugging each other. Perseus is the leader of the two and makes friends with every cat he possibly can in the lounge. He is a big on treats, playtime and snuggles. All he needs now is the purrfect furrever home!

Aphrodite – Adopted! 4/28/19

Beautiful 14 week old tabby Aphrodite arrived at Catmosphere Laguna with her brother, Perseus. These two bonded kittens were found outside her local high school by the Bluebell Foundation’s Miss Joyce who called us to help find their furrever homes. Aphrodite is devoted to her brother and cries when she cannot see him. Naturally, they are hanging out as a pair, hugging and cuddling. Aphrodite starts purring immediately when held and needs a furrever home that can supply copious amounts of love and attention. She and Perseus are waiting for mew to take them home!

Mitts – Adopted! 3/2/19

Curious and friendly Mitts (or Mittens) is the 6 month old brother of Rocky. Mitts is medium haired grey tabby with the cutest paws and toe beans. He and his 3 brothers and 2 sisters were brought to the kind cat lady Kathy by their Mama Cat. The litter was fully nursed and weaned by Mama Cat who is now spayed, thanks to Kathy. Catmosphere Laguna will be the new transitional home for the brood. Come meet Mitts and get a great cuddle in with this love bug. Mitts and Rocky are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Rocky – Adopted! 3/2/19

Shy and sweet Rocky is a 6 month old medium long haired white/grey kitten who came to us from the kind cat lady, Kathy. He and his 3 brothers and 2 sisters were brought to Kathy’s yard by their nursing mother. They were fully nursed and weaned by Mama Cat who is now spayed, thanks to Kathy. Catmosphere Laguna will be the new transitional home for the rest of the litter as we have room available. Right now, Rocky and brother Mitts cannot wait to meet MEW. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Meesha – Adopted! 3/2/19

8 year old Meesha is an energetic, friendly, and talkative Ragdoll/Himalayan mix. She was adopted as a kitten by an 80 year old couple. She lived a happy and healthy home life with other cats. Her elderly pawrents became too infirm to care for her and the others; her Meowmy went to a nursing home when her husband passed away. Their wonderful niece, Brenda, took Meesha in along with two other cats she has been able to place for adoption. Meesha has lived for the last several months with Brenda and her cats and dogs, but, needs a furrever home. Apparently, she loves squishy bags! As she is so lively, she would do well in a busy household with children and other pets. Please come and meet this beautiful cat.

Mycroft – Adopted! 2/23/19

After Mathilda’s adoption, the fabulous rescue lady Faith felt it was karma to share this little fella with Catmosphere Laguna. He had been appearing at the colony feeding site, a kitten of all things at this time of year! He usually stood back when Faith placed the dishes, but, lately began coming closer and closer. She was finally able to pick him up. He is now purring, eating well, and using the litter box easily. This 10-12 week old little orange tabby loves to roll over for belly pets. Faith named him Mycroft, the name of Sherlock Holmes brother, and also to honor another orange boy with same name rescued many years ago who has been residing in feline heaven since 2015. Come meet this very clever fellow!

Freckles – Adopted! 2/15/19

This 5-6 month old freckle-nosed tuxedo boy is as adorable and sweet as can be. He is quite shy with the other kitties but he absolutely loves “hoomans”. He will flop right on his back to expose himself for belly rubs and pets. If you are looking for a cat-dog, this is the kitty for you. He wants constant company and attention and would be great for a big family with loads of love to give!

Moose – Adopted! 2/12/19

Moose is a 4 year old Bombay, shiny and a beautiful sweetheart. Moose came to us from The Ark of San Juan, urgently. He was dropped off at the Orange County Shelter in Tustin when his parents moved without him. (No comment, however, you know what I think of that). The Ark received the call that this lovely boy needed to be placed elsewhere and Catmosphere Laguna was chosen. Moose is a love with the cutest toe beans and he loves a cuddle and kiss…again and again and again. This boy gets along great with all of our kitties and humans, too.

Fangs – Adopted! 2/9/19

This beautiful 5 year old silky black Bombay has 2 very distinctive features you will notice immediately, which is why his name is Fangs! This sweet natured cat came from the County Animal Shelter. He was adopted briefly, however, he was harassed by their very aggressive cat who would not allow him to eat or sleep. Fangs has a very sweet disposition and just could not defend himself. Come on in and play with him in our Cat Lounge where his favorite activity is cuddling.

Meowzas – Adopted! 1/22/19

This lucky 9 – 10 month old tabby kitten narrowly escaped her death at a kill shelter. She was scheduled to be euthanized due to overcrowding. Thinking she was pregnant, one of the shelter handlers called Dr. Robin Morris at the Ark of San Juan and urgently asked for her to be spared. It turns out she was not pregnant and is now spayed, healthy, and ready to meet our customeowers. She is the biggest lap cat and cuddle bug. And yes, she “Meowsaz” just like her name.

Kit Kat – Adopted! 1/13/19

Kit Kat is a 2 year old female with a beautiful orange/grey/beige tortoise coat. This petite cat was found in a kind cat lady’s garage where she delivered 8 adorable kittens. Each of the kittens was adopted but for 2 who await their debut at Catmosphere Laguna next month after their spay operations. Now spayed and chipped, Kit Kat is just about the friendliest cat we have had the pleasure to foster and cuddle.

Matilda – Adopted! 1/11/19

Matilda comes to us from the fabulous rescue lady, Faith. Whilst feeding a group of feral cats, as is her habit, Faith came to meet Matilda.  No, that’s not right; Matilda made it a point to meet Faith!  When feeding was over, she jumped in Faith’s car and loudly proclaimed her desire to go home with her and away from the streets!

Faith called us and we said “Mew’, of course.  This spayed and vaccinated 1 year old beautiful calico tortie has “purrsonality” plus and does not miss an opportunity for a pet and a conversation. We are delighted she will find her forever home soon.

Abra – Adopted! 1/7/19

Abra is a Flame Point Siamese male, just 5 months old. Abra is Kadabra’s brother. He is very calm and gentle, not as adventuresome as his Tuxedo sister who entered our Cat Lounge within hours of coming to Catmosphere. Abra has gorgeous light blue eyes and a very light pink nose. He is just adorable. He loves the wall perches and loves to be made into a burrito with his favorite soft blanket.

Lizzy- Adopted! 5/19/19

This gorgeous pale-grey Maine Coon mix is approximately 8 years old. This is another sad story of an elderly human Meowmmy passing away and of this “show kitty” ending up at a shelter, but CL was there to come sweep this kitty off her peets! Lizzy has made herself right at home in our Cat Lounge, claiming her spot on one of the cat wall perches, where she likes to chill, groom, nap, and repeat! Some of her favorite activities are lounging, curling up, getting head pets, and purring. Let’s find this sweet girl a new furever home!

Horatio – Adopted! 1/6/19

Found in the Maggiano’s parking lot at South Coast Plaza, cowering and starving, Horatio now enjoys his spa days at Catmosphere Laguna. This 8 month old beautifully striped grey tabby is quite the athlete and will bring cuddles and chuckles to his lucky furrever family. He came to us from the kind-hearted Mary who knew we would find this special boy a wonderful home. His mews are more like little peeps and he is a joy to sing along with.

Mookie – Adopted! 1/5/19

Mooki and Boris are 11 month old brothers who came to The Ark of San Juan from the mean streets. They were obviously well cared for by their loving foster Mom and we see that they are sweet to humans. These cute bros are a bonded pair of gorgeous grey tabbies with cute silver fur swirls. Mooki’s favorite activity, so far, is “tubing”. In other words, he loves to play hide and seek in our kitty play tubes. Just precious, and such a smart boy.

Sydney – Adopted! 1/4/19

At last, after recovering from their spay operations at Dr. G’s, Kit Kat’s babies join her at Catmosphere Laguna. Sydney and her sister, Pumpkin Patch, were born on June 30, 2018 in the garage of a kindly foster lady. 6 kittens were adopted and these are the remaining two. Sydney has white Siamese/Snowshoe features and a very soft chirp and is extremely cute.

Shabu – Adopted! 12/29/18

This cute-as-can-be Tuxedo boy is one year old.  He is a regular character and we believe he was an actor in his past life/lives.  He was pushed through a mail slot and we got the call. He is playful and very dramatic in his commentaries. Shabu has a very expressive face and cute eye winks.  He portrays a  baby kitten in our Lounge and rolling around is a favorite activity; belly rubs welcomed.

Kadabra – Adopted! 12/17/18

Kadabra is a small, 5 month old, Tuxedo girl. She is Abra’s sister and quite the explorer. Within hours of coming to us from Foster Dad Randall (through the Ark of San Juan), she had covered every corner of our Cat Lounge to satisfy her curiosity about our other kitties and their favorite lounge spots. Kadabra has a favorite lime green floor pillow she has claimed as all her own and watches all the excitement, then joining in for kitten frolic, of course!

Thelma – Adopted! 12/23/18

Thelma, sister of Louise is a 3 year old adorable calico who loves to “Lounge” around. She is a little bit of a pudge and will lose weight in no time playing with her busy feline companions at Catmosphere Laguna. Thelma and Louise had a nice and loving home with their human Meowmy since kittenhood. Unfortunately, their Mom fell on hard times and lost her home. Forced to live in her car along with her cats, this kind lady knew her cats needed to be given up for adoption and given a better life and another chance at furrever homes. Both sisters are healthy and were well-cared for. Please come in and meet these lucky ladies.

Louise – Adopted! 12/23/18

Louise is the very cute black and white 3 year old sister of Thelma. At first a bit reluctant to join our frolicking felines in the Lounge, she is now fully integrated into our “cat society” and is starting to enjoy all the attention. Thelma and Louise had a nice loving home with their human Meowmy since kittenhood. Unfortunately, their Mom fell on hard times and lost her home. Forced to live in her car along with her cats, this kind lady knew her cats needed to be given a better life and another chance at furrever homes. Both sisters are healthy and were well-cared for. Please come in and meet these lovely ladies.

Boris – Adopted! 12/8/18

Boris is the brother of Mooki and is a character in his own right. He is an 11 month old Swirly Silver Tabby with gorgeous eyes that communicate feline worlds we can only ever hope to understand. He has cute teeth and a gentle purr. He and Mooki came to Catmosphere Laguna last week and, after resting in the kitty room for only one night, proudly barged through our kitty door to meet their fellow felines in the Lounge. They fit right in and are mellow as can be. Not shy at all!

Marshmallow – Adopted! 12/8/2018

Marshmallow is a tangerine and white super soft tabby cat with a huge fluffy tail. She is 7.5 years old. Her fur mommy died very suddenly and she was accepted at the Ark immediately. She is an extremely laid back cat with a really friendly attitude and a cute smile. We find she follows Team Feline around constantly as we do our chores!

Onda – Adopted! 12/6/2018

Onda is a 3 year old beautiful Turkish Van who gets along well with other cats. She has gorgeous fur and very expressive eyes. Onda had a home, however, her fur Mommy could no longer take care of her along with all her other cats. Onda comes to us from the Ark in San Juan where she was relinquished last week. We are so happy to have her.

Natto – Adopted! 11/06/18

Natto is an approximately 8 year old gorgeous tuxedo male who was named for a delicious Japanese bean by his human Mommy. As for his Feline Mommy…(See Mame’s bio, pictured right) He is fine-boned and rather small in size, but, big in antics. He interacts all day long with both the Lounge and the Cafe visitors, through the glass. He is accustomed to love and devotion, and along with Mame, will be adopted as a bonded pair. Catmosphere Laguna will not separate bonded pairs!

Mame – Adopted! 11/06/18

Mame is a 9 year old gentle lady who was named for a delicious Japanese bean by her human Mommy who passed away. She was left with her son Natto (another delicious Japanese bean, pictured left) abandoned in the empty apartment. They were rescued and recovered from their starvation and are very healthy and happy in our new and warm conditions. They are bonded forever.

Arthur – Adopted! 11/06/18

Arthur is a neutered, gray fluffy cat, 2-3 yrs old. He was found outside by a Good Samaritan. This brave male cat was protecting 3 tiny baby kittens. 2 of the kittens were taken in and adopted out, but Arthur remained in charge of Tostito and they are buddies furrever. They lived together in a large foster home and should continue living together.

Tostito – Adopted! 11/06/18

Tostito, is a 1 1/2 year old, handsome, black and white neutered male, and is the loving companion of Arthur. He is a very curious and friendly lap kitty and LOVES ear rubs.
(Tostito and Arthur are a bonded pair, and can only be adopted together).

Pumpkin Patch – Adopted! 10/23/2018

Pumpkin Patch, the last of Kit Kat’s kittens, is a beautiful orange tortie with interesting polka dots of orange and beige. She is very playful and curious about human voices. She and her sister, Sydney, were born on June 30 and now join their mother Kit Kat at Catmosphere Laguna. Reunited…and we are so glad to have them here at Catmosphere Laguna.

Samantha – Adopted! 10/14/18

Samantha is a large 8 year old beautiful orange and white tabby cat who came to us from a lovely local lady. Because of her travel schedule, Samantha was not getting the attention she deserves and Catmosphere Laguna promised to find her a loving furrever home. She would do well in a single cat household with plenty of sunshine and ear rubs. Samantha is a lap kitty with a very soft purr.

Scarlett – Adopted! 9/29/18

Scarlett and Poppy are 9 week old sisters with silky fur. They are talkative and extremely curious. Both girls were bottle-fed after being found abandoned as tiny newborns. Because of their pleasant early experiences with humans, they are little cuddlers. Scarlett loves a belly rub and playing with the kitty wands

Poppy – Adopted! 9/29/18

Poppy and Scarlett are 9 week old sisters with silky fur. They are talkative and extremely curious. Both girls were bottle-fed after being found abandoned as tiny newborns. Because of their pleasant early experiences with humans, they are little cuddlers.
Poppy loves to converse with our Team Feline at meal time.

Ozzy – Adopted! 9/21/18

Ozzy is a male neutered kitten, who came out of hiding after the coyote attack on the barn at the Los Alamitos race track and is the only surviving brother of JP. They were so happy to be reunited and are inseparable. He is also very confident, curious and active and loves to play with his brother JP. His birthday is also 5/7/18.

Joey – Adopted! 9/11/18

Joey was born on 4/10/18. He is a neutered male and came from Susie the cat lady in Laguna. Joey is shy but very curious and loves people.

JP – Adopted! 9/9/18

JP (aka Survivor) was born on 5/7/18 and was part of a litter of kittens born to a barn cat, Momma cat. The groom at the stables kept the kittens in a horse stall and one night a pack of coyotes raided the barn and attacked all the kittens. JP was apparently the only kitten left. He is a male neutered boy and very confident, curious and active.

China – Adopted! 9/1/18

China is a 7-8 year old Himalayan who lived with an older lady who passed away. The grown children brought her to a shelter. China was fostered and The Ark of San Juan asked Catmosphere Laguna to find her a home. She has beautiful blue eyes.

Bruegger – Adopted! 8/27/18

Bruegger is a 6 year old, extremely social, and loving guy. He had an eye infection and was found outside by a county rescue. The infection caused his eye lashes to turn inwards so he coudn’t see because the lashes were scratching his eye ball. He was successfully treated by our vet and his vision was completely restored. This was him before.

Nirvana – Adopted! 8/27/18

Nirvana is a spayed 1 year old, found outdoors with Wilbur. She has the softest grey fur and loves ear rubs. She would do well in a home with other pets as she is quite social. She likes to chat-up the other kitties…especially at dinner time! In-door environment only.

Wilbur – Adopted! 8/27/18

Wilbur is a neutered 4-year-old. His owner moved and just left him outside. He is a fur ball of cuddle and would truly appreciate a good home and indoor-only environment. (It’s scary out there!)

Mikayla – Adopted! 8/25/18

Mikayla was born on 4/30/18. She is a spayed female and has a little white dot on her head. Mikayla is very sweet and affectionate and came from Susie the cat lady in Laguna.

Carlton – Adopted! 8/17/18

Carlton is an 8-year-old black and white male who was found as a stray by two small children. He is now chipped, neutered and ready for his furrever home.